Whilst the SSP offers many opportunities for young people to take part in a range of different sports, we all recognise that active travel inc cycling and walking can also contribute greatly to the amount of physical activity that a young person undertakes. 
With this in mind the we are really pleased to be able to continue to offer SSP schools the opportunity to receive FREE Bikeability Cycle Training to help support pupils to feel confident enough to cycle more, whether it to get to and from school each day or recreationally in their own time with their family and friends.

What is Bikeability?

Bikeability is the Government’s flagship cycling training programme and is designed to give people the skills and confidence to ride on today’s roadsBikeability has been adopted as the chosen cycle training scheme by all but two local authorities in England. 
  1. Delivered over two full days (Normally during school day although could be during evenings, weekends or school holidays)
  2. Bikeability training can be delivered in schools to pupils in Years 5, 6 & 7.
  3. It is delivered by professional national standard cycling instructors (not volunteers).
  4. Emphasis on training under real road conditions (not just on playgrounds)
  5. Three levels of training to encourage development of skills
  6. Approved by the Government (Dept for Transport & Dept for Health), British Cycling, Sustrans, Youth Sports Trust, ROSPACTC, Cycle training Standards Board (CTSB), Road Safety GB.
The government’s aim is that no child should leave primary school without the opportunity to take part in Bikeability training.  

Bikeability Levels  

There are three Bikeability levels;
  • Level 1 – is usually covered in a traffic free environment and teaches basic cycling skills for children from 7-9 years old
  • Level 2 – is covered on quiet roads but with real traffic conditions for children of 7 years or older
  • Level 3 – is delivered on busier roads for children of secondary school age and adults, who have already completed Level 2

Why is Bikeability Different?

Children can start Bikeability sessions as soon as they can ride a bike without stabilisers. It is recommended that beginners start with Level 1 so they can master their bike balance and control skills before moving on to Level 2, where they gain the skills and experience needed for making on-road trips. 

FREE Bikeability Cycle Training For Schools

  1. FREE Training is available for pupils in Years 5, 6 & 7
  2. Pupils will receive Level 1 & 2 training.
  3. Training is delivered to groups of up to 12 pupils (multiple courses are possible).
  4. All sessions will be lead by 1 lead instructor and 1 assistant instructor
  5. Young people are required to bring their own bike and helmet (helmets can be borrowed if pupils don’t have their own and also some bikes are available to borrow if requested in advance).
  6. All training will be delivered on behalf of the School Sport Partnership by Tri-A-Sport who are a fully qualified, experienced and insured Bikeability provider.
Whilst Norfolk County Council is one of the two Local Authorities in the country that continue to deliver their own traditional Cycling Proficiency Schemes instead of Bikeability, schools are able to receive both types of training. 
Why not offer pupils the chance to receive one style of training in one year and the other type of training in a different year group? Then you can compare the benefits of both types of training.